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April, 2014


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Firecast Studio is a game company with a focus on innovation and fun of our players. We aim to bring you interesting topics, high quality graphics as well as creating characters and stories, enabling expansion into other universes outside the ”game world”.


Inside the game market that moves about US$ 2.63 billion in Brazil, the segment of indie games is growing every day. To differentiate this scene, Firecast Studio decided to invest in high-quality graphics and stories with content, in order to expand characters for other platforms outside of the gaming world, a strategy that associates transmedia with also a creation of intellectual property ("franchise"). The developer Firecast has already aroused the interest of two European publishing and presents its his first game: Jelly Dreams.

Originally from English the term “indie” is a short for independent and turned as an adjective for small business independent production, which develops very different kinds of games, off the commercial mold of common business. Visualizing not only profit, the indies games aimed fun, and the goal is to provide a unique experience to the player. The indie market gets more consumers each day and in most cases, it provides a simple kind of games but all became an addiction between players.

Founded by the designers Bruno Lanzarotti, Rodrigo Corrêa and the researcher Claudio D'Ipolitto, the Firecast Studio develops indie games with a vision to offer not only elaborated products, but also products with great engagement and immersion. With focus in innovation and creation of intangible assets, the startup invests in interesting themes and potential scripts with potential to extrapolate the games itself and mace dialogs with comics, animations, and other transmedia formats. Another crucial point is the graphics qualities that are catchy and world- class.

The Strategic planning articulates different methods to model various business angles, combining map of empathy, Blue Ocean, value network, Canvas and implementation of quality function (QFD), as appropriate. "We map our competitors and seek niches that we not attended yet. Also, we try to understand what people ask for it in a game from research on the gaming market, "explains Bruno Lanzarotti partner.

The researcher Claudio D'Ipolitto also adds: "As well as the process of planning and executing, the Firecast combines technological and market research, competition analysis and intuition to feed the various cycles of evolution of a lean startup" he says.

The first product to be launched will be the Jelly Dreams, puzzle game in cartoon style and inspired by Sokoban genre. The game is available to pre order on Desura, and soon on Steam and Splitplay. In the plot, the little boy Nino always wants to eat jelly, his favorite dessert, much more than his mother considers as healthy. As well as he doesn’t get all the jelly he wants, when he finally sleeps, the boy is transported to a world of dreams, where they have to solve puzzles by adding gelatin cubes of the same color. The game has 80 levels, 3 theme packages to play, 7 costumes to download and 40 achievements to unlock.

Jelly Dreams was developed in Unity 3D platform and will be available for PC, MAC and Linux, a market that already has about 34.6 million players only in Brazil .The game is not the only version of Sokoban, but differs to have an attractive look and the thematic fool of richness. According to Rodrigo Correa, creator of the character, Nino, the protagonist of the game, was inspired by another character that marked his childhood: the Calvin of comic-strips.

The partners say that there is an international interest in Brazilian companies of indie games. The segment grows, but there is a lack of investment in Brazil. "The country invests more on applications than in games. We have such a lack of incentives and hight taxes, but we get around these problems from creativity," says Bruno. However, according to D'Ipolitto, this scenario is beginning to change with the emergence of capital funds focused on the creative industries business, especially games, transmedia and new interactive audiovisual formats.

"In short, Firecast Studio seeks to combine distinctive design, engaging scripts and technological innovation to tell good stories", summarizes Bruno.



Sword Legacy - Omen - Alpha Gameplay Video - Epic turn-based strategy RPG YouTube

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Firecast Team

Bruno Lanzarotti
Executive Director

Rodrigo Correa
Creative Director

Claudio D´Ipolitto
Innovation Director