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Why Gamification

Gamification is a business strategy which applies game design techniques to non-game contexts to drive user behavior.

The Benefits of Gamification are many and varies from Industry to Industry. Game Mechanics and Game Features are designed to Boost certain Metrics.

In Gamification it is critical to monitor the performance of your metrics closely to insure you are getting the best results possible and that your players are happy. The main measurable metrics of success include: engagement, influence, loyalty, user generated content, time spent, and virality.



Not a Platform, a Game!

More than a Gamification Platform, FIRECAST STUDIOS developed a videogame in which the universe is your company, and your employees are the playable characters!

A fully customizable universe according to the objectives and goals of the company and its business.

Different levels and missions within the game deliver all the necessary tools for companies to face the new challenges of digitization, engaging and motivating their employees even more.

The Game

Our Tools

Several in-game tools for a total customization of the game universe according to your business and for a total engagement with the employees.

Maps & Trails


Missions & Goals



Backoffice & Analytics

Maps and Trails

The game universe is customized according to your company and business.

It can be a house, a city, a world map or even another planet. In this game there are no limits to the imagination.

After choosing the game’s universe, maps and trails will be created, to engage the players and make them reach the companies goals.

Gamification Unlocked


Gamification Unlocked

In this game your employees are the playable characters!

They will be able to customize their player and avatar, according to the universe of the game.

Multiple choices and many options to make everything as fun and engaging as possible.


Mini games and extra tasks can be added to the game missions for training, on-boarding, or to give important information about what’s happening in your organization.

A fun way to promote learning and give extra challenges and competition to employees and teams.

Each mini game and extra task have rewards for those who finish it.


Players will have access to a visual display that ranks them according to their accomplishments and compares with the overall of the company.

Recording the individual player’s score and their milestones gives the player a sense of accomplishment, since their progress is recognized.

An important tool to encourage competition and engage your employees.

Unlocked Tabaqueira
Unlocked Tabaqueira
Unlocked Tabaqueira
Unlocked Tabaqueira

Dashboard & Analytics

Track the players performance, engagement and motivation during the game.

Get insights through reliable metrics that will help you make strategic decisions.

If you need a more specific analysis, you can export the data to Excel and use it on the way that best suits you.

Interactions and feedback module available in the dashboard. Stimulate participation and increase the competition and engagement between the players, your employees.

The best hope we have for surviving the next century on this planet? Games.

- Jane McGonigal, “Reality is Broken” -


Unlocked by IQOS

Client: Tabaqueira

We developed a video game for Tabaqueira, using the sales area as playground.

In this game the universe is a house were all the players, the IQOS sales force team, start in the hall and have the possibility to unlock the remaining divisions of the house and win prizes, as they reach the monthly goals set by the company.

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